Innerspring Counselling Psychotherapy with Dan Bennett
In London Bridge and also Epsom & Ewell

In-Person and Video-Based Online Relational Psychotherapy Sessions Based in Ewell and Epsom. Helping you work-through and resolve issues relating to Anxiety, Depressive Mood and Feelings and other Relational and Emotional issues.

Psychotherapist in London Bridge, Epsom and Ewell West and Online

Possible Reasons for Psychotherapy and Counselling

Are you experiencing feelings of low mood or lack of motivation?

Do you feel ''depressed'' or that life is getting on top of you?

Are you experiencing regular feelings of anxiety or panic attacks?

Do you feel the need to explore addictive behaviour associated with alcohol, drugs or food?

Are you a recovering addict needing ongoing psychotherapeutic support?

Do you feel stuck or unable to move forwards?

Do you have unresolved childhood issues or trauma that are still affecting you today?

Do you wish to explore your patterns of relating to others?

Have you suffered the bereavement of a loved one and would like support whist you grieve and mourn your loss?

I offer Psychotherapy in London Bridge alongside counselling for depression and other psychological issues providing a space to take a time-out in an impartial, non judgemental environment where you have the opportunity to talk freely about current and past issues in your life and may benefit you in a number of ways:

... to explore your thoughts and feelings and gain clarity.
... to get back on the front foot again
... to remove the blocks that are hindering your progress
... to feel understood in a non-judgemental space
... to harness your inner strength and resilience
... to cope better with the stresses and strains of everyday life.
... to better understand how you relate to others
... to become aware of the signs and triggers of addictive and obsessive behaviour and other repetitive patterns
... to help you understand what makes you tick and exploration of ways to build a life that is congruent with your goals.

I offer Psychotherapy Sessions in London Bridge and Epsom and Ewell, and I'm committed to providing a safe, empathetic and non-judgemental space which provides an opportunity to explore your feelings about life and ways in which you have adapted and coped with some of your stressful or traumatic experiences. I work integratively from a psycho-analytic and existential framework helping people with whichever issues they present, some of which are:

  • Addiction (s)
  • Adoption (Parents and Children)
  • Anger Management and Analysis of Triggers and Source
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Depression
  • Eating Disorders (Anorexia and Bulimia, Over-eating)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Relationships Issues and Loss
  • Stress

    I work multi-culturally with people from all walks of life and emphasise with the differing challenges we all face. During counselling we can reflect and learn from our experiences with the opportunity to transform and re-frame these into understanding that leads to emotional resilience, insight about unwanted and repetitive patterns of behaviour and thinking, creating a greater sense of inner peace and psychological well-being.

    My aim is to promote self-autonomy, self-understanding, independent thinking and freedom from repeated patterns of behaviour , in a confidential, safe and reflective environment. This allows us to reflect upon our experiences so that the ways in which we relate to ourselves and others can be thought about with the opportunity to re-frame past experiences and facilitate change.

    Psychotherapy can also help with issues related to :

  • Improved Mood
  • Self-Esteem
  • Confidence
  • Self-Image
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Freedom
  • Self-Awareness
  • Hope and Change
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Life Purpose and Meaning

    Within each counselling session there is the opportunity to discuss whatever is on your mind which can help you to gain clarity, formulate and explore new ideas, uncover previously unknown patterns of reaction, thought and behaviour and possible reasons for these. This approach does not need to have a particular agenda or direction in each session, moreover my aim is to help open up areas of thought and help you to explore situations, thoughts and feelings in greater depth which can result in greater self-awareness contributing to greater choice and self-autonomy.

    My psychotherapy practice in London Bridge is within easy reach of Central London and is within easy walking distance of Borough, Elephant and Castle and London Bridge tube stations. Psychotherapy in Epsom is short walk from Ewell West train station and a ten minute bus ride from Epsom Town Centre. Both settings are easily accessible from both central London and mainline train stations such as Waterloo, Victoria, Wimbledon, Surbiton and Clapham junction.


    Anger Management Program

    I also offer a 30 week Anger Management Service for perpetrators of physical, emotional and verbal abuse towards their partner or other family members. This service is available to any man or women who feels that their anger is out of control and has a negative or destructive affect on their relationships that results from abusive behaviours. This framework for this type of counselling works differently to my usual approach as the aim of this type of therapy is to cease abusive behaviour. I help clients to understand the triggers for their anger and to understand why they are triggered by their perception of events, and to reframe these perceptions in light of new understanding so that the same behaviours no longer trigger them with the same level of intensity. Therapy looks at how life experiences and past relationships affects the perception of present day experiences and also focuses on ways to manage and cope with stress taking a holistic approach that emphasises the connection of health and wellbeing with managing with stress and coping with intense emotions such as anger. We also look at Anger and reflect on what it really is - often when we explore what we would normally label as anger we uncover and become aware of many other feelings and emotions that are associated with it. We can call this mixture of vulnerable, angry feelings as rage because it describes a combination of intense feelings that cause the overwhelm which produces the violent or abusive behaviour.

    A key element throughout the program is the concept of developing empathy for others and understanding how behaviour affects other people and we also focus on our inner relationship with yourself and how we find purpose and meaning in life. We also look at ways that we relate to and communicate with others thinking about dynamics such as aggressive vs passive aggressive, victim/hero, controlling vs non controlling and powerful vs powerless. During the latter stages of the program we also look at how to create boundaries through the use of assertive communication skills and work through issues in your life that are unresolved.

    The terms and conditions for this program require the person to be fully ready to commit to the cessation of violent or abusive behaviour and to immediately advise the therapist should this not be adhered to. An example of this agreement is provided during the first consultation and assessment. The first assessment is for two hours in duration - all assessments must be done in person, however online therapy sessions are available for the subsequent sessions if this mode of therapy is more suitable to you. Please see the pricing page for the cost of this program and if you have any further questions in the meantime you are welcome to contact me so I can help.



    I highly recommend Dan as a Psychotherapist - he is a thoughtful, empathetic and caring counsellor and carries out his work with pride and professionalism with the aim of helping people to live a better quality of life, - Earl Pennycooke 2024

    Dan has provided me with Psychotherapy in Epsom over the past 3 years helping me to overcome, long term depression, the death of my Father, Childhood Trauma, and ongoing health issues that I have had for many years. The support he has given me during this time has helped to resolve a number of issues in my life and feel more confident about the future, helping me with my self esteem, confidence and self acceptance. If you are looking for emotional support I would recommend Daniel as a psychotherapist. - Hannah M 2024

    Contact Details

    Dan Bennett,
    Integrative Psychotherapist in Epsom and Ewell
    Psychoanalytical and Existential Therapy
    Depression Counselling in Ewell
    1 Melton Fields
    Epsom and Ewell
    KT19 9QH

    Dan Bennett,
    Integrative Psychotherapist in London Bridge
    Psychoanalytical and Existential Therapy
    92-94 Tooley Street

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